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YTFor er en digital plattform,  skapt for å formidle arbeidskraft på en  effektiv og ressursbesparende måte  mellom bedrifter.

Terms of use

Terms of use:



Terms of use for YTFOR Intermediary platform for hiring and renting out labor between companies.


Welcome to our mediation platform for the recruitment and hiring of labor between companies. By using our service, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before using the platform. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use our Service.


The platform is a dissemination platform

YTFOR functions as an intermediary platform for hiring and renting out labor between companies. YTFOR does not assume employer responsibility or responsibility for workers not showing up or being sick. YTFOR is not a party to the agreement between employer and employee, and is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the agreement. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the rental relationship is carried out in accordance with laws and regulations, and YTFOR does not assume any responsibility in this context.

It is not permitted to use the platform as a means of passing on labor where workers  is not employed in a rental or rental company.



YTFOR charges an intermediary fee of 5% + VAT. of the rental price per hour as a form of payment for the services offered on the platform. The lessor is obliged to send a copy of the invoice at the same time as the invoice for mediation via YTFOR is sent to the lessee. If YTFOR does not receive the invoice basis, YTFOR will invoice the lessor in addition to the number of hours and costs agreed in the YTFOR platform, 20%.



YTFOR has the right to terminate this Agreement and/or suspend or terminate your access to the Platform at any time, without notice and without liability to you, if you violate the Terms and Conditions or otherwise engage in unacceptable conduct.


Limitations of Liability

YTFOR is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from use of the platform or inability to use it. YTFOR also disclaims any responsibility for loss or damage arising as a result of actions or omissions by users of the platform.


Changes to terms and conditions

YTFOR reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will take effect immediately after they are posted on the platform. Continued use of the Platform after changes have been posted means that you accept and agree to the changes.


Legal liability. These terms and conditions are governed by Norwegian law. Any dispute that arises between the users and us must be resolved using a Norwegian court.



These terms of use apply to the use of YTFOR/Ytformidling's (YTF) websites ( and associated domains) and services. They apply to everyone who uses YTFOR's channels, including private individuals, companies and other professional actors, regardless of whether you only visit YTFOR's channels to watch or use them to mediate hiring and hiring of labor or products. By "You" is meant you and the company you represent. YTFOR will notify users via e-mail of major changes to the terms of use at the e-mail address provided during registration.

User account

To use YTFOR's services, you/the company you represent must create a user account. The account will be the company's responsibility, and the company's users are responsible for all activity that occurs on the account. By creating a user account, you also accept YTFOR's terms of use.



In order for YTFOR to be able to give you/the company you represent access to the platform's services and the opportunity to hire and lease out labour, we must process certain company and personal data. We refer to our privacy policy for information on how we process personal data.


Consent to marketing
As a registered user of YTFOR's channels, your company can receive newsletters and marketing via e-mail about the services in YTFOR's channels and from YTFOR's partners. You can change the settings for email notifications under "My page" on YTFOR. Note that these settings do not affect email notifications that apply to specific services you have ordered from YTFOR, such as saved searches/ad searches/promotions, notifications about expired searches/advertisements/promotions, etc.

User Generated Content
By user-generated content is meant all content that you or the company you represent as a user of YTFOR's channels create and/or post in YTFOR's channels, for example images, films, texts, graphics, logos or the like (“User-generated content”). You and the company you represent guarantee that you have the necessary rights to the user-generated content, either because you have signature rights, or because you have received permission from the person with signature rights to use the user-generated content in YTFOR's channels. This means that you warrant that User Generated Content does not contain protected information that you are not authorized to use. You also guarantee that the persons who can be identified in the user-generated content (for example by a picture, a mention, a description or just by a name) are aware that it will be used in YTFOR's channels and that they have accepted this. In the event of a claim of rights infringements in user-generated content, YTFOR requires as a starting point a court decision confirming the infringement of rights before the advertisement/distribution is stopped. By posting user-generated content on YTFOR's channels, you grant YTFOR an unlimited right to freely dispose of the user-generated content, for example by processing, adapting, storing or copying it and making it available to the public, regardless of media channel. You also give YTFOR the right to transfer these rights to potential partners. YTFOR may also use the user-generated content for marketing purposes. YTFOR retains these rights even after an advertisement/promotion of rental has been deleted.

Intellectual property rights

YTFOR owns the intellectual property rights to all material and information available on YTFOR's platforms, including text, images, design, user interface and the software code of the services. This material cannot be used in any other way than is necessary for the normal use of YTFOR's services.

It is not permitted to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, send or distribute any material or information from YTFOR's platforms without written permission from YTFOR. Furthermore, it is not permitted to use automated services such as robots, spiders or indexing, or other methods for systematic or regular copying of the content on YTFOR's platforms without explicit written consent from YTFOR.

Use of YTFORS services for business activities

All users of YTFOR's services must use them only in connection with commercial activities. YTFOR's services are exclusively intended for companies that wish to mediate the recruitment and hiring of labor to other companies, and the use of the services for other purposes is not permitted.

Please note that the users of YTFOR's services are responsible for complying with the applicable laws and regulations related to labor law and intellectual property rights, and that YTFOR does not assume responsibility for any violations of these laws and regulations by the users.


Right of withdrawal
When you buy services on the internet, you usually have a 14-day right of withdrawal. However, you waive your right of withdrawal when you advertise or mediate on YTFOR's channels, as the services for advertising/mediating and hiring labor imply that the service is delivered immediately. This means that you accept that the right of withdrawal ends when the services are deemed to have been delivered. The services are deemed to have been delivered immediately after the advertisement or communication has been published. Similar rules also apply to additional services you purchase in connection with advertising or communication, for example changing or renewing an advertisement.

Limitation of liability

Access to YTFOR's channels and services:

YTFOR cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to its channels and services. There may be cases where they will be unavailable in whole or in part due to maintenance or other reasons. YTFOR makes no guarantees for functionality and availability, but will provide information about any limitations in availability.

Mediation of labour

YTFOR's channels function as an intermediary for the recruitment and hiring of labour. YTFOR only functions as a platform for mediating the recruitment and hiring of labour, and therefore has no control over, or responsibility for, the transaction between buyer and seller.


Third Party Content:

YTFOR's channels may contain offers, advertisements, links or the like to services or goods provided by third parties. YTFOR has no responsibility for such Third Party Content or for communication and any agreements entered into by the user in connection therewith. YTFOR is thus not responsible for losses as a result of delayed or missed delivery, or for defects in the advertised product/service.


YTFOR cannot get involved in conflicts that may arise between the tenant and landlord or buyer and seller of YTFOR's services. Should you become a victim of theft or fraud, it is important that you document the course of events and contact the police.


YTFOR only compensates direct losses that occur as a direct result of gross negligence on YTFOR's part. YTFOR is not responsible for indirect losses. In the event of technical errors affecting the advertising/promotion, or where advertisements/promotions have been removed incorrectly, no more than the advertising cost will be reimbursed.

Result of advertising/promotion

YTFOR cannot guarantee that you will achieve the desired effect by advertising/mediating labor in YTFOR's channels. YTFOR is not responsible for losses, lost profits, lack of sales or few inquiries from advertising/promotion. YTFOR is also not responsible for losses as a result of non-appearing or delayed advertisement and communication responses, or for incorrect information in the advertisement and communication text.


As a user, you undertake to indemnify YTFOR for any claims directed against YTFOR from third parties as a result of user-generated content or violations of these terms of use, YTFOR's other advertising rules or applicable laws or third-party rights.


Communication and behavior

We encourage all users to show courtesy and respect in all communication on the website, both in advertisements/communications and in direct communication with other users and YTFOR. Personal characteristics, racist statements, incitement and insults will not be tolerated and may lead to deletion

of user account. It is also prohibited to send spam, general marketing inquiries or other unsolicited messages. We also do not allow goods/services that are not permitted or advertised on our website to be sold via the messaging service.

All messages created from platform will be read and checked.


Users of the platform must at all times keep the calendar and requests up to date.

In the event of repeated "unanswered requests" and/or failure to remove "available candidates" who are busy, YTFOR reserves the right to remove users from the platform.



After a trade has been completed in YTFOR's channels, you may be asked to give an assessment of the user you have traded with. Ratings must only be given to the user you have shopped with or to whom you have given an item. YTFOR will remove assessments that have been given to other than the parties to the trade at the request of one of the parties. Ratings cannot be edited after they have been given.

YTFOR does not moderate assessments and is not responsible for the reviews that are given. The parties to a trade must sort things out themselves, and YTFOR does not delete assessments as a starting point. However, in case of abuse of ratings, YTFOR reserves the right to delete ratings or reset a profile that has received more negative ratings than positive ones.

We encourage you to give factual and constructive assessments. This gives the assessment more value for other users and contributes to a more pleasant marketplace.



Security is very important to YTFOR, and it does what can be done to prevent unwanted or criminal activity on the website platform. To achieve this, messages exchanged through our messaging service will be subject to machine, and occasionally manual, control. YTFOR can control, filter, remove or stop messages whose content is offensive or illegal, or which violate YTFOR's Terms of Use or advertising rules/distribution rules, or which there is reason to believe contravenes other relevant legislation. Offenses will be forwarded to the authorities. In addition, we have a close dialogue with the construction industry's security patrol to ensure the quality of documentation and actors on the platform. 

Note that when using the messaging service, the display name shown to other users will vary depending on the settings you have selected. If you have chosen not to display your profile picture and link to your profile page before the buyer of services/renter contacts you when placing an ad, the display name shown will be the name you have set in your profile. If you have chosen not to display a profile picture or to be anonymous when posting advertisements and communications, the display name shown will be your full name.


Abuse of the service

YTFOR wants to offer a reliable service for hiring and renting out labor between companies. In order to maintain the integrity and quality of the service, there are certain restrictions and guidelines that must be followed. Any misuse or attempted misuse of YTFOR's services will not be tolerated. This includes the following actions:

  • Manipulation or seduction of usage patterns or the market.

  • Use of incorrect information or falsification of documents, including CVs and personal details.

  • Establish contact between tenant and landlord without using our service.

YTFOR reserves the right to prosecute any misuse or attempted misuse of the Service, and to suspend or terminate the user's account without notice if any violation of these guidelines is discovered.

Contact via YTFOR's services

YTFOR encourages all users to communicate via the platform's channels in order to maintain a secure and reliable service. It is therefore not permitted to contact other users of the service without using the platform. This includes negotiations or agreements between tenant and landlord without YTFOR's involvement. YTFOR does not assume responsibility for such agreements or transactions that take place outside the platform.

YTFOR will do its best to ensure that all contact between users of YTFOR's service takes place via YTFOR's channels. If you notice someone attempting to contact you outside of YTFOR's platform, please report this to YTFOR immediately. YTFOR will investigate the matter and take the necessary measures to ensure the integrity of the service.

YTFOR will do its best to maintain a safe and reliable service for all users. Thank you for using YTFOR's platform for hiring and renting out labor between companies.


Exclusion from YTFOR's channels and services

YTFOR has the right to ban users who do not follow these terms of use or the advertising and dissemination rules. YTFOR wants to be a safe and efficient marketplace, and users who abuse or manipulate the services will be banned.

If a user knowingly violates these terms or the advertising rules, or if the user has repeated violations, the user will be banned without notice. This also applies if YTFOR has reason to believe that the user is involved in illegal activities related to advertising or communication.

Examples of violations may include complaints from other users about violations of laws or regulations, police reports, misuse of the service or other forms of unacceptable behavior towards other users or towards YTFOR. If there are serious and objectionable circumstances with a user, further advertising or dissemination on YTFOR may cause significant problems for other users, and the user will also be banned.

If a user account is banned, all advertisements and communications on YTFOR from this user will be removed, and no refunds will be given for advertising and communications costs following intentional rule violations. The user will also lose access to YTFOR's services that require logging in when banned. If a user attempts to create new accounts, those accounts may also be suspended.


By accepting these terms of use, you agree that all agreements you have entered into with YTFOR can be transferred to another company that is wholly or partially, directly or indirectly, owned by YTFOR AS or is part of the YTCONSULT group, or to third parties in connection with a business transfer that includes YTFOR's channels, without your consent.

Changes to the Services

YTFOR may make ongoing changes, improvements and/or terminate your access to all or parts of the services and/or marketplaces in YTFOR's channels without prior notice. This includes changes that may lead to advertisements/promotions being moved, deleted or similar. If you wish to keep an advertisement/promotion, it is recommended that you take a photocopy/screenshot and save it elsewhere. YTFOR will do its best to notify significant changes in advance.

Choice of law and disputes

The use of YTFOR's channels and the interpretation of these terms of use will be subject to Norwegian law, and any disputes between YTFOR and the user will be dealt with by Norwegian courts. If disputes arise, the matter can be brought before the Consumer Council for processing between you and YTFOR. The Consumer Council can deal with cases about purchase agreements, but not cases about the hiring of labour.


YTFOR, Dyre Halses gate 16, 7042 Trondheim.

If you have any questions about these terms or your ad/promotion, please contact customer service (

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