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YTFor er en digital plattform,  skapt for å formidle arbeidskraft på en  effektiv og ressursbesparende måte  mellom bedrifter.



YTFOR places great emphasis on anonymity and privacy. We do our best to ensure that all information on our platform is safe and protected, and we follow all privacy requirements.

Consent and use of cookies

To ensure a user-friendly website and to be able to measure and adjust our information, YTFOR uses third-party solutions that use cookies in different ways. Feel free to contact us to get more information about which 3rd party solutions we use on the platform. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. You can turn off or manage the use of cookies yourself in your browser.

Personal information

We only process personal data that you yourself provide to us. To create a user account, we need your company information. If you post personal information about your workforce, this will naturally be limited to the content of the profile and the tasks you post on YTFOR. If you register your workforce, we will process the personal data in relation to your profiles and CVs that you enter directly on YTFOR. This information is personally identifiable and can be linked to you as a person, unless you choose to remain anonymous. When entering into a contract for a tenancy, the information you have posted will be fully visible to the tenant, even if you have chosen to post your workforce anonymously.

We also receive your personal data if you provide it yourself when you chat with us in our messaging channel. We monitor the communication in the message channel with other members and with us, and we can see the content of the messages sent between the parties.

Information about the services you use on the YTFOR platform and your interaction with these services, such as the use of searches and visitor profiles, will be collected. If your personal information that is stored at YTFOR or at our partners is incomplete or incorrect, the information will be corrected, regardless of whether it is structured or unstructured data. If you no longer wish to be on our platform, you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us. All personal information about yourself and your entire profile will then be removed.


Basic requirements for processing personal data:

We and our partners are responsible for the processing of your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act and regulations.



The purpose of processing personal data is to offer a platform where job seekers can register their CV and profile in order to be assessed by companies looking for labour. If you register as an employer, the purpose will be to be able to contact YTFOR's consultants and reveal the information to the landlord. We also collect usage history to improve the platform's functionality and to send relevant information to you as a user.


Retention period:

We will delete all information relating to your registration within 365 days of registration, unless otherwise agreed or if the information led to the creation of a user account. If your personal data is deleted, it will remain in our system backups for 30 days after deletion to ensure the integrity and availability of our systems.

We reserve the right to change these privacy terms at any time and any changes will be published on our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact us directly via our website or by sending us an email.


When you post a CV on our website, only your first name will be presented. You can choose whether you want to attach a picture or not. Your company affiliation will be visible by default, but you can choose whether you want to hide it when you post your resume for hire. If you are employed by a staffing company, AS or ENK, this will always be visible to those searching for labour. If you choose to hide your company affiliation, the hirer will receive the full name and company name of your workforce when entering into the contract. If you enter information about certificates, diplomas, course certificates, etc., you must upload a copy of the documents. The copies will not be visible in the CV view. The lessee will only have access to the documents after the conclusion of the contract. If you provide incorrect information about yourself in your CV, the tenant can terminate the agreement.



When you communicate with the tenant through the chat function on our website, the contact will be between the contact persons in the companies and not directly with the person behind the CV. We encourage you not to give your full name, phone number or email address in the chat.


Always communicate and pay via our platform:

To protect your company and your personal data, we encourage you to communicate and pay through our platform YTFOR throughout the process. You must not enter into agreements outside the platform with people you have met through our website. If someone asks you to enter into agreements outside the platform, please report it to us immediately.


Misuse of platform:

YTFOR monitors the platform's activity with algorithms and random samples in the chat function to ensure that users follow the conditions and privacy rules. If abuse of the platform or the conclusion of an agreement outside the platform is detected, both parties will be banned from the platform. This includes the exchange of information in chat and contact where the result of conversations on the platform becomes an agreement outside the platform.



YTFOR is obliged to follow the GDPR, which applies to all businesses in Norway that process personal data. As a trader, you must comply with the GDPR in the same way as you must comply with other general laws to run a business, and this also applies to the YTFOR platform.

YTFOR usually processes personal data such as e-mail address, signature, photos, mobile number, social security number and social security number, username and password. In order to store and process this information, YTFOR must have a processing basis and users must consent to this when they accept the conditions for using the platform. Consent is necessary to convey knowledge about candidates to landlords.

YTFOR deletes all CVs and user profiles that have not been active on the platform for more than 2 years. If you want information about YTFOR's processing protocol, risk assessments and routines for GDPR, you can send a request

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